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As we wrap up Mental Health Awareness Month, I wanted to take some inspiration from James Clear author of “Atomic Habits” and the newsletter “3-2-1 Thursday”.

His newsletter “3-2-1 Thursday” is brief and formulaic but never lacking.

So in this week’s newsletter, I will be sharing 3 reflections of my own, 2 quotes from others, and leaving you with 1 question to ponder over the next week.


3 Reflections


“To create long-lasting, healthy change, one needs to change from a place of excess not a place of lack, a place of love not a place of hate.

So frequently when we want to grow, we do so not because we love ourselves and want to be better but because we dislike, or worse, hate the current version of ourselves.

Abundance, although foreign to many of us, can be self-generated and an amazing tool for self-evolution.”



“You have to know when to turn inwards and when to radiate outwards.

When you are anxious, ruminating, or thinking too much about other people’s opinions it may be best to:

  • Turn inward

  • Detox from social media and tech

  • Journal, meditate or perform other methods of self-work

When you’re feeling bored, unfulfilled, or hypercritical it may be best to:

  • Create

  • Draw, paint, film, or do something with your hands for creation’s sake without judgment.

  • Serve

  • Perform some community service, make a loved one a meal, or call an elder or loved one in your given or chosen family.

  • Commune with friends and loved ones.”



“We are what we repeatedly consume” (inspired by the following quote from Aristotle).

I know many of us have heard this in regards to what we eat and drink but I don’t think

enough of us realize this also applies to what we consume with our eyes and ears as well.

During the pandemic, I had one client who was overwhelmed by all of the negativity reported by our news outlets.

So I decided that every week we would deliver two pieces of good news to each other and limit our time spent consuming clickbait negativity pieces.

We have continued to do this each week and both of us have significantly reduced our stress levels as a result.

I am actually currently on a 30-day social media detox and I can’t wait to tell you all about my experience in the coming weeks.


2 Quotes from Others


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” - Aristotle



“Everyone needs meaning in their life. But your purpose doesn’t have to involve changing the whole world. Instead, you might find meaning in changing just one person’s world”- Amy Morin, author of “12 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do”


1 Question to Think About This Week

“When you find yourself thinking that you have to be flawless—either because you want to achieve the standards you’ve set for yourself or because you want others to view you as perfect—think about what it would mean if you fell short. Ask yourself, ‘What would it mean?’ a few times, and you’ll uncover the meaning behind your desire to be perfect.”- Amy Morin

As always wishing you all abundant light and radiant health,


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