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21 Day Ramadan Wellness Challenge

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Assalamualaykum! During Ramadan, it can be challenging to make time for movement as our bodies and minds are going through such a drastic change. InshaAllah, with this challenge, you can make time for a mindful movement practice that keeps your body healthy and mobile during this blessed month. This program includes: - A 3-week exercise program with active recovery and rest days. -Weekly zoom calls with a Q&A at the end. (recordings provided for those who can't attend live) -A group section for you all to provide motivation and support to one another. -Daily meditation inspiration from my favorite ayah in the Quran and quotes from some of my favorite Islamic readings. - The chance to earn a $75 gift card upon completion of all tasks -Lifetime access to the course

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Ramadan Wellness Challenge

Ramadan Wellness Challenge

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