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Virtual Training

Virtual training allows you to perform your exercises from anywhere at any time.

Your exercises are designed to meet your unique needs. Whether you have access to a full-blown gym or just a set of dumbbells, we can work together to get you amazing results. Schedule your free consultation call below!


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Accountability Coaching

You have workouts you enjoy, and you're experienced enough to know what it is you have to do, you're just struggling with the execution. In this program, we will have weekly coaching calls as well as accountability texts throughout the week to keep you consistent. 



In-person Training

In-person training is great for those who desire hands-on training and a bit more accountability. With in-person training, your workouts will be supplemented with online workouts, goal setting, and a meal plan on my app. My sessions also include built-in recovery. After 45 minutes of exercise, I will help you cool down with a relaxing assisted stretching routine designed for your body's specific needs. Your first session is on me! Fill out your consultation form below.

Nutrition Coaching

Dietary restrictions? Refuse to eat chicken and broccoli every day? No worries, I got you. With Holistically Fit Nutrition Coaching we'll put together a program including accountability coaching, nutritional guidance, and a meal plan backed by registered dieticians 

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