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Soft Girl Summer Bucket List

Last week’s newsletter was a bit long, so this week, we’re going to start it off with a list.

A couple of years ago, our good sis Megan The Stallion dropped “Hot Girl Summer” and the concept took the social media and advertising world by storm.

It started out as embracing your inner confidence, having fun and genuinely being yourself.

However, it’s seemed to become a bit more superficial, as things tend to on social media.

People started to put more emphasis on getting “snatched”, dieting, and self-indulgence.

Although having fun is important, I’m choosing to slow wayyy down this summer.

So for my girls, aunties, and glamma’s , here is my personal list.

Feel free to join me! ~no you do not have to try all of them~

20 Things from My Soft Girl Summer Bucket List:

  1. Prioritize movement over exercise

  2. Recreate my favorite meals at home instead of eating out

  3. Take better care of my plants

  4. Walk in the grass with no shoes

  5. Dance more

  6. Prioritize date night

  7. Consistently do my positive affirmations. (check out this post to learn how to create affirmations that work for you)

  8. Get more grounded spiritually and in my faith

  9. Try a group fitness class

  10. Do one paid self-care activity per month ie. massage, pedicure, cupping (if it’s available in your area look into ClassPass they give you a free month and you can get a free massage, manicure, workout class etc)

  11. Read something every day

  12. Call a different loved one every week of the month

  13. Limit screen time ~1 screen-free day per month~


  15. Finally, take a pottery class

  16. Daily walks, even if it’s only 5 minutes long

  17. Dust off my bike and go for a ride

  18. Write at least 1 letter of gratitude per month

  19. Do more things young Aqilah enjoyed (hoola hoop, knitting I was an old soul, coloring, cloud watching)

  20. Grow more of my own food and finally take the leap with fermenting (this terrifies me but I think that’s a good sign)

Before we wrap up, I wanted to leave you with these two questions.

What activities brought you the most joy in your childhood? (try to replicate that even if you feel silly, that’s the best part)

How can you reignite your childlike curiosity?

If you try at least one of these, shoot me an email or DM me on Instagram! I’d love to hear how it went

Sending you abundant light and radiant health,


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